Custom Fabrications


Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have complex outsourcing strategies to support their equipment production, reduce total manufacturing costs and manage their long-term risk. Our custom fabrication division offers unmatched supplier alignment for outsourcing manufacturing of fabricated steel components and welded sub-assemblies. Empire’s custom fabrication customers build equipment and manage projects that help move mountains and shape our world — from railroad and highway transportation equipment to construction equipment and complex laser systems. Our manufacturing facility is centrally located in the upper Midwest to help support original equipment manufacturers who build their products in the U.S. by supplying them with superior customer service, quality manufacturing and fabrication services.


Customer Focused Manufacturing as an Extension of Your Business

Our custom fabrication division has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of fabricated steel components and welded subassemblies by contributing to our customers’ product and supply chain success. By combining efficient manufacturing processes with seamless supply chain integration, we provide you with high quality steel components and assemblies that are delivered as specified and on schedule. Empire thrives on variety – one day we will be building a large hopper assembly or rail car frame, and the next day making precision laser tool weldments or smaller wear parts. Our vast experience ensures that your finished product exceeds expectations.

We provide our OEM clients with a reliable supply of quality approved fabricated steel components, ensuring that customers have the inventory needed to maintain their production schedules. Our industry expertise and experience allow us to fabricate high quality components and products efficiently, saving costs and ensuring timely delivery.

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Advanced production facility, offering significant capacity and growth potential to suit your needs.
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing processes that are managed and controlled by our Production and Quality Management teams.
  • Industry focused expertise and experience
  • AWS qualified welders and Inspectors
  • Experience building prototypes
  • Financially stable privately held business committed to re-investment

Empire has been committed to the same guiding principles since our beginning in 1970 – to add value to our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Our capacity and capabilities continue to increase as we invest in and grow our business with our OEM customers. When your requirements for more complex fabrications increase, our commitment to your success shows through our continuing investments in technology, process improvements and capacity. We maintain a strategic objective of growing strong relationships with our customers to help provide our clients with strategic manufacturing support that produces superior, high performing products.

Core Competencies

We believe that our success is due to three main factors:

  1. Our commitment to safety and quality programs and processes. Quality is built in at every step of the process, and Empire stands behind every product that leaves our facility.
  2. Continuously promoting a culture of teamwork and communication. With decades of experience under our belt, our team is our greatest asset.
  3. By dependably doing work for our customers that our competitors won’t. Have a problem that you just can’t solve? Empire stands ready to help.

Empire is proud to serve a diverse customer base – including many market leaders in their respective industries:

  • Transportation (Rail and Trucking)
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining
  • Laser Equipment

Empire’s capabilities and certifications continue to grow as we respond to the needs of our customers.



We are equipped to offer steel fabrication for plasma cutting, forming, rolling, drilling and machining. Our skilled operators can fabricate steel plate up to 6” thick.


We are a custom welding shop using AWS certified welders. Our expertise is in heavy steel. Empire’s certified AWS Weld Inspectors also do continuous improvement training to help us meet demanding customer requirements.


Our shop rail system allows for moving heavy components to the paint booth. The down draft paint booth is capable of handling very large parts, up to 60 feet long.


We have the experience to assemble complex parts that include hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.

Facility and Equipment List


  • 45,000 Square Feet of production area
  • 30 Foot under-hook – High Bay
  • 20 Foot under-hook – Low Bay
  • 18’ X 22’ Garage Doors
  • 25 Weld stations
  • 20’ x 60’ Down draft paint booth


  • CNC Cutting System Gas/Hi Def Plasma Torch on an 8’ x 44’ Water Table
  • Multiple Portable Plasma Machines
  • Marvel Band Saw, 14” Jaw Capacity, Auto Feed


  • Bertsch #18 Plate Roll, 1-1/4” X 10’, Initial Punch


  • Cincinnati Hydraulic Press 750 Ton – 14’ Wide Press Brake
  • Hydraulic Press Mfg. 400 Ton – 4 Post Press Brake
  • 175 Ton Straightening Press
  • Press Brake
  • Sheet Metal Shear


  • Miller 650 AMP Wire feed Welders
  • Miller 450/300 Pulse Welders
  • Miller 300 AMP Wire feed Welders
  • Bore Welder
  • All-Fab Corp 2500 lbs Rotary Weld Positioner
  • Acorn Platen Fitup Tables – Modular


  • HAAS, VF4, VF6 and VF9 Vertical Machining Centers
  • Cincinnati Bickford Radial Drill 60” Horizontal X 40” Vertical Travel
  • Drill Press
  • Lagun FTV-3 Vertical Mill, 11” X 54” Table
  • Royal Engine Lathe, 17” Swing, 33” Centers
  • Summit Engine Lathe, 19” Swing, 80” Centers
  • Portable TrueBore Slide Feed Boring Bar, 16” Dia. Bore X 12’
  • Metal Lax Vibratory Stress Relieving Equipment
  • Lucas 4’ Horizontal Boring Bar


  • 40 Ton & 15 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane
  • (4) – 10 Ton Overhead Bridge Cranes
  • 16 Ton Forklift
  • (4) Shop Forklifts
  • 150 Ton Capacity In-Floor rail system