Parts, Repairs and Services

Stick and Boom Extensions and Repairs

Empire has decades of experience extending or shortening excavator sticks to match your job needs. We will modify the length to any available factory length, and refinish the stick or boom to match the original color of your excavator.

Bucket Repairs

Empire can repair almost any excavator or loader bucket by replacing worn portions of your bucket shell to match or exceed the original specifications. When the cutting edges, bottom or shell of your bucket has worn thin – call us! Completely repairing a worn bucket can be a significant saving over replacing the bucket!


Pin Kits – Empire makes replacement dry pin kits (kit consists of front and back pin with bolts) to match your excavator’s original specifications. We also make custom pins for special requirements.

Shims – Empire makes shims from 16 gauge to ¼” thick to fit standard pin sizes for most excavators.

Replacement Blades and BOCE’s

Order your replacement bolt on cutting edge (BOCE) or replacement main blade from Empire Bucket. We can match OEM’s blades or build to a template.

Replacement Ear Brackets

Replacement hanger ear brackets are available for our buckets, or we can make ear blanks to retro fit most buckets to work with your newer equipment.

Brackets for Hammers, Shears

Empire can make new pin-on brackets for your hammer or shear to allow you to use the hammer/shear with multiple excavators.

Line Bore

Empire can bore weld and line bore all types of equipment: excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, material handlers and more. We can also re-lug old attachments to fit new machines, repair damaged bores, over size holes for bushing inserts, weld up damaged holes and bore out to original specifications.